EMS Training Programs

Applications and Forms

If interested in becoming a training program provider, please contact us.

  1. Must be through an Approved Training Program (Approved Programs can be searched on EMSA)
  2. Turn in course notification form to mail@norcalems.org
  3. Follow course outline
  4. Complete tests, final, skill sign offs, any additional forms (ex: clinical forms)
  5. Give course completion certificates to students that completed the course. This must be issued from the Approved Program (as it is in the approved application packet, with the name of the instructor added).
  6. Turn in Course Completion Record with full roster to mail@norcalems.org.

or you can complete it online: Course Completion Record






Critical Care Paramedic Program

Continuing Education Provider

Steps to teaching a CE course/class is outlined in title 22, Chapter 11.0.

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