Continuing Education Courses

An individual may receive credit for taking the same CE course, class, or activity no more than two times during a single certification or licensure cycle. (Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 11 § 100391.1 (12) (b)). All courses listed are foundational or advanced topics and acceptable for all levels. “Instructor resources are readily available to the student to answer questions, provide feedback, provide clarification, and address concerns.” Please contact us at any time regarding any of the courses or content.

  • At the end of the course materials there is a quiz block with a START button.
  • Click on START to take the quiz.
  • At the end of the quiz there is a form that asks for your name, email, and certificate number.
  • Once you pass the quiz, you will be emailed a certificate to the email provided in that form. The email will come from Quiz-Maker; please check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Free Courses

Blood Transfusion During IFT (2 CEs)


EMS Documentation (3 CEs)

Epi Auto Injector (1 CE) and Epi Syringe (1CE)

Glucometer (1 CE)

HID – Highly Infectious Diseases (1 CE)

Managing Multiple Disasters (1CE) presented by Patti Carter

MCI Region III – Field Ops (2 CEs)

MCI Region III – Patient Distribution (2 CEs)

MCI to Disaster (1 CE)

Narcan (1 CE)

Pit Crew – HP CPR (3 CEs)

Pre-hospital Management of Burn Injuries (1 CE)

Refusal of Care (2 CEs)

Stroke (4 CEs)

Stop the Bleed (1 CE)

Supraglottic Airway Device – I-Gel (3 CEs) and Capnography (1CE)

Additional Courses

12 Lead for the Prehospital Provider (3 CEs, 30$)

Contact us for PSFA, EMR, and EMT refresher courses

All previous CE course certifications taken in the retired log-in system are available in the Certify/Log-In area. The retired log-in system will be disabled and inaccessible by 8/1/2022.

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