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Nick Entsminger, EMS Specialist


Prehospital 12-Lead Interpretation Review: Identifying & Confirming Acute Changes in the Prehospital Setting!

At the Virtual Conference on

May 28, 2021 from 12:00 PM -2:00 PM

Dial-in Phone Number: (323) 676-6261

Conference PIN:  XXX XXX XXX#

Note: the above button is only active one-half hour prior to the conference and until the conference is over. The PIN will display then as well. If for some reason the conference ends abruptly (such as due to a power outage), please come back to this web page and use the above button or new PIN to rejoin the conference.

Conference Objectives:

  • Understanding basic coronary artery flow of the heart and the regions they supply.
  • Understand how the ECG works.
  • Understand how to identify and interpret acute changes.
  • Understand how to apply this knowledge to the field setting.
  • Practice to ensure competency and interpretive comfort of acute coronary syndromes.

The video will be available bundled with additional content for 3 CEs sometime soon. The video will also be available on YouTube.

Nick Entsminger is a published author. His new book “The Entsminger Guide to Prehospital 12-Lead Electrocardiogram Interpretation” is available HERE.

Derived from hands-on experience working as an educator and paramedic in both urban and frontier settings, Mr. Entsminger provides a concise, easy to understand method of 12-lead electrocardiogram (EKG) field interpretation for prehospital providers. Presenting a step-by-step approach encompassing various learning styles, Mr. Entsminger explains what readers need to know quickly. Written in a hands-on paramedic language, Mr. Entsminger removes confusing, non-pertinent topics less essential to prehospital care, allowing readers to better understand how the 12-lead EKG works and pertains to their setting and care.

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The video presentation is available on YouTube.

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