Certification Information
Initial and Recertification for EMR, EMT, Paramedic

You can find the applications and policies for certifications in Policies and the online application center in Certify.

Lapsed EMR, EMT, and Paramedic requirements are listed in the policy of each certification/license.

How do I certify or recertify?

You can use the online certification area or mail hard copies to the office.

Where do I find the initial and recertification forms?

All forms for initial and recertification can be found in the Certification Section under the level of certification you wish to apply.

Why or when do I need to certify with NorCal EMS

Nor-Cal will process all of your application materials, including course completion certificates and NREMT tests (if required for your level), as well as the LiveScan/fingerprinting once all collected. When all required paperwork is in, Nor-Cal connects with the State EMSA and puts you in and updates your information.

What’s different about certifying with Nor-Cal EMS?

All LEMSAs can have slightly different scopes of practice, both expanded basic scope and Local Optional Scopes. These may require additional training. Find the BLS optional scope and the Paramedic LOSOP.

Who do I contact for…?

For all inquires, contact us at general mail with your question and we will direct it to the appropriate person.

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