MCI Manual 1- Field Operations Quiz

MCI Manual 1- Field Operations Quiz

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Before leaving the scene which patient information should be documented?

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What is/are the only treatment(s) that should occur during triage?

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Flags, Tarps, Cones and Flagging are all examples of

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Which position should be filled with the person with the most knowledge of the local EMS system, hospitals, Communications, CF plans, etc.?

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When positions are assigned in the ICS it is important that personnel are given appropriate vests, checklist and communication plan

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Upon arrival at a possible MCI, the responder should

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A key component of an MCI activation would be

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The IC is responsible for the five following general functions within the ICS

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A system of command where a group of officials from the major agencies involved share the lead is called

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What is the minimum ICS level training required by the Region III MCI Plan?

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