EMT Refresher Unit 5 Quiz

EMT Refresher Unit 5 Quiz

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You are teaching an EMT class about the role of the EMS response to a terror attack involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD). A student asks you what constitutes a WMD. How would define a WMD?

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A new EMT asks you why the elderly are at a higher risk for developing pneumonia, as compared to younger individuals. You inform him that one reason the elderly are more susceptible to respiratory infections because of a(n):

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Pediatric patients are patients who range in age from:

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Why is the uterus essential to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth?

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The start triage tag color for immediate transport is:

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What is the role of the Emergency Medical Responder within the incident command system?

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Which of the following should the Emergency Medical Responder report to dispatch as additional information once you arrive on the scene?

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In addition to your regular scene size-up, with an elderly patient you should check for:

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For older adults, loss of elasticity in the blood vessels can result in:

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An acute respiratory condition found in infants and children and characterized by a barking type of cough is known as:

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The components of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle are:

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If the baby is stressed during delivery, she may eliminate fecal material called meconium. If this material mixes with the amniotic fluid, there is a danger that:

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The fetus grows inside a special sac called the:

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You must save the placenta, all attached membranes, and all soiled sheets and towels so that a physician can examine them to ensure the entire organ and its membranes were expelled from the uterus. If you don’t have a basin or container to collect these items, allow the afterbirth to deliver directly:

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Which of the following is a sign of imminent delivery?

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When approaching a child patient, you should:

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Which of the following is a problem caused by limited mobility in older adults?

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Unintentional medication errors are common among elderly patients because:

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When working on the scene of a call that is located on a highway responding personnel should wear:

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Which statement is true regarding your tools and equipment?

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________ is a method of sorting patients for care and transport based on the severity of their injuries or illnesses.

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Common causes of multiple casualty incidents include:

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Common causes of multiple casualty incidents include:

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Which of the following most accurately defines a multiple casualty incident?

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