EMR Unit 4 Quiz

EMR Unit 4 Quiz

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Which of the following is a late sign of frostbite?

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You are responding to a construction site on a hot day where a person has become dizzy. On your arrival, you find a patient lying on the ground being fanned by his friends. He is sweating heavily. This patient most likely has:

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Your patient is bleeding profusely from a wound to her wrist. There are no dressings immediately available. What should you do first?

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A patient has bright red blood spurting from a laceration on his leg. This bleeding is best described as:

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A patient has swelling and deformity in her right upper thigh after a motor vehicle crash. You are concerned about an injury to which bone?

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All unresponsive trauma patients should be assumed to have which of the following?

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A young man has fallen head first from the roof of a three-story building onto a grassy surface. You should:

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Your patient was injured when his airbag deployed during a head-on collision. To begin your assessment, you first:

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Paradoxical movement indicates a:

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Which of the following best describes the mediastinum?

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When caring for an injury to the face, it is important to watch out for ________ and ensure that nothing is accidentally forced into the patient’s airway.

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The central nervous system is made up of:

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Your patient has an open fracture of the ulna. Which of the following is the first thing you should do?

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A patient presents with an angulated upper arm after a gymnastics accident. This patient likely has an injury to which of the following bones?

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Which of the following are components of the musculoskeletal system?

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In your opinion, your geriatric patient’s fall was due to syncope rather than any underlying condition. Which of the following would be the correct treatment?

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The term ________ describes the failure of the body’s circulatory system to provide an adequate supply of well-oxygenated blood and nutrients to all vital organs.

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The patient is increasingly anxious and begins to thrash around. What should you do?

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A 4-year-old male has fallen off a play structure at the park. He presents with an abrasion to his right shoulder, which is oozing a small amount of dark blood. This type of bleeding is best classified as:

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You have rescued a 22-year-old man who fell through the ice into a pond. You suspect he is severely hypothermic, therefore you should:

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Body heat is lost by ________ when surrounding warmer air rises and is replaced by cooler air.

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