Blood Transfusion – IFT Quiz

Blood Transfusion – IFT Quiz

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Patients may experience hypothermia during and after a blood transfusion

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Hemolytic reactions are:

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After finishing the blood transfusion, you:

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This process in this LOSOP is for all blood products: whole blood, packed RBCs, platelets, FFP, albumin, and cryoprecipitates

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Your patient’s temperature increased by 2 degrees since last measurement. What is your next step:

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During transport, vital signs including temperature have to be documented at least every:

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To be able to monitor a blood transfusion, you need to have a written physician’s order

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The essential vital signs that must be obtained before starting a blood infusion include: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and respirations

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Adverse reactions can occur because of the preservatives in the donor blood

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Transfusion reaction symptoms include the following except:

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You may need to administer Lasix after the infusion of blood products due to volume overload:

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If a patient experiences an anaphylactic reaction to a blood transfusion it is treated the same as all other anaphylactic reactions:

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Modern blood banks can ensure almost 100% safe supply in regards to disease transmission:

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The only crystalloid fluid that can be infused together with blood is:

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As a paramedic in California you may start the transfusion of blood products

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