Pediatric Trauma: When Bad Things Happen to Kids and What you Can Do About It

Pediatric Trauma

Pediatric Trauma: When bad things happen to kids and what you can do about it

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97% of children injured or killed by airbag were improperly restrained or unrestrained.

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Pediatric drowning preventions include fences and alarms, reduced drinking of supervising adults, adult awareness.

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Emergency care for children occurs along a continuum from primary prevention to prehospital, hospital based acute care, and rehabilitation services.

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Pediatric cervical spine injuries (CSIs) are associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

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Recognition of the common patterns of pediatric trauma can assist in proper assessment and diagnosis simply by knowing the mechanism of injury.

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Despite many advances in the care of children, traumatic injury remains the leading source of death and dismemberment within the United States.

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