Ketamine for Acute Pain Quiz

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The ideal volumes for medication administration are 0.2 to 0.3 ml per nostril, however volumes up to 1 ml are acceptable

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You can repeat the dose of Ketamine in 15 minutes if the pain scale is still 5 or greater

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An absolute contraindication for Ketamine is:

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In Nor-Cal EMS you may administer Ketamine to what age ranges:

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In Nor-Cal EMS, a provider can administer Ketamine by which of the following routes:

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The maximum single dose of Ketamine allowed in the Nor-Cal EMS Region is

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One method of reducing the likelihood of an emergence reaction is:

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After you administer Ketamine to a patient, they begin to vomit. After you suction their airway, you should administer:

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The dose of intranasal Ketamine is:

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After you administer Ketamine to a patient, they exhibit stridor and his oxygen saturations begin to drop. You should:

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Which of the following describes a typical set of vital sign changes in a patient who has received Ketamine?

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How rapidly can you infuse a dose of Ketamine?

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The dose and route for administration of Ketamine is:

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Which of the following are contraindication(s) to Ketamine?

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Paramedics are authorized to administer Ketamine for what indication(s) in the Nor-Cal EMS region

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