Antibiotic Continuation IFT

Antibiotic Continuation for IFT QUiz

The number of attempts remaining is 4

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The dosage for antibiotics to be infused does not vary.

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The antibiotic medication needs to be documented in both the narrative and medication section of the PCR

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There is no contraindication for other medications to be infused in the same IV line as antibiotics.

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It is mandatory for the provider agency to review 100% of the LOSOP continuation of antibiotics.

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If the IV infiltrates the infusion of antibiotics need to be stopped completely and can’t be restarted.

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Contraindications to the continuation of antibiotics by paramedics are the following:

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Typical length of infusions for antibiotics is the following:

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The following are potential adverse reactions from antibiotic administration:

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It is acceptable to alter the infusion rate for the antibiotic by the paramedic.

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Paramedics in the Nor-Cal EMS Region can initiate antibiotics in the field.

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