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Google Search Our Policies:

Google Search Our Policies:
Example search: if you would like to find all policies that mention the word "aspirin", type aspirin in the text box above and click on the "Search" button. Another window will open displaying a list of all policies containing the word "aspirin". Click on a policy to view it.

Policies and Procedures

The policies are organized by section using folders. Each section has a major number followed by a dash and then the policy number. This helps those that like to keep a copy of all policies in a single folder such as on a phone or table for easy access. Access the policies here...

There are also phone and tablet "Apps" available for quick access to the policies such as Acid Remap's "Paramedic Protocol Provider" app.

Draft Policies

The policies in the draft binder are the current policies that have been reviewed by the Medical Advisory Committee and are available for public comment.Access the draft policies here...

Zipped Policy & Procedure Manual

We maintain a zipped collection of all of the policies in a single file available for download in here. The names of the zipped collections contain many numbers. These represent the year, month, and date in that order YYYYMMDD for the date of compilation. We try to update this everytime there is a single policy update so that the entire compilation is a representation of the current policy manual.


Nor-Cal EMS Policy update cycle: as policy is reviewed and updated, a draft will be posted under "Policy Draft" for public comment. Once a draft is in final form and incorporated as final policy, it will be posted under "Policy". A copy of the final policy will also be placed in "Policy Update" organized by year and update sequence.

Click HERE for more information on how to view PDF documents.