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Google Search Our Policies:

Google Search Our Policies:
Example search: if you would like to find all policies that mention the word "aspirin", type aspirin in the text box above and click on the "Search" button. Another window will open displaying a list of all policies containing the word "aspirin". Click on a policy to view it.


This is the final released version of the manual containing all of the individual policies. Access them here...

Zipped Policy

This web page contains a single file download of the complete manual as well as a single file download for just ALS and a single file download for just BLS for convenient access. Access them here...

Policy Update

This web page contains just the updates to policy organized by year and sequuence. This may be useful if you already have the complete policy manual and would like to quickly access just the updated documents for your manual. Each update is available individually as well as in a zipped package containing all of the recent updates. Access them here...

Policy Drafts

The drafts have now been moved into the Medical Advisory Committee Meeting (MAC Meeting) drafts as the drafts are normally reviewed as part of the MAC Meeting where public comment is welcome. They will become part of the policy manual after they have been reviewed, approved, and released. A convenient zipped package is available as well. Access them here...


Nor-Cal EMS Policy update cycle: as policy is reviewed and updated, a draft will be posted under "Policy Draft" for public comment. Once a draft is in final form and incorporated as final policy, it will be posted under "Policy". A copy of the final policy will also be placed in "Policy Update" organized by year and update sequence.

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