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EMS Awards

EMS Authority Awards Frank Lang a Community Service Award for 2017

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EMS Awards

Brave. Dedicated. Willing. Reliable. These words describe the 78,000 licensed or certified EMS providers in California. They demonstrate these qualities every day by coming to the aid of others when they are most in need and working to ensure that the EMS system operates well. However, each year, due to circumstance or extraordinary effort, certain individuals among us shine. The EMS Authority seeks to recognize those individuals through the California Emergency Medical Services Awards Program.

This year, Frank Lang with the Downieville Fire Department and Sierra Family Medical Clinic has been awarded a Community Service Award.

Frank Lang has been actively involved in emergency medical services in Sierra County for over 40 years. Sierra County has a population of 3,207 with only one incorporated city. Frank has been instrumental in the creation of the non-profit organization, Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc., addressing the need for 24/7 primary, urgent and emergency care in Sierra County. Frank is a nurse practitioner/MICN at Sierra Family Medical Clinic, an EMR instructor, an EMT instructor, an advanced EMT instructor and an active MICN with the Downieville Fire Department Ambulance Services. In addition to his current positions Frank has also served as the executive director of the Western Sierra Medical Clinic and a school nurse at the Sierra-Plumas School district. Frank holds a doctorate in health law and is a retired commander from the U.S.P.H.S. Frank is respected throughout the county for his enduring leadership by example in the improvement of emergency medical care. His work, it seems, is never done. In addition to his active teaching and direct patient care through the Sierra Family Medical Clinic and the Downieville Fire Department Ambulance Service, he continues to look for new and innovative ways to serve emergent and chronic patients in this extremely rural and remote part of the state.

And he plays the banjo in a Blue Grass Band.

(See Emergency Medical Services Authority 2017 Awards Announcement)

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