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by Nor-Cal EMS

Time: 10:30 AM 2018-07-24
Duration: 4 hours

Contact Nor-Cal EMS for more information 530-229-3979

Location: Nor-Cal EMS office

1.   Welcome and introductions
      a.   Sign-in/contact info

2.   Policies Pending Public Comment:
      a.   None

3.   Policy/Protocol to be revised
      a.   To be discussed

4.   Policy/protocol to be reviewed:
      * Skills Endotracheal Intubation Annual Competency
      * Adult Poisoning Exposures
      * Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Smoke Inhalation
      * Adult Shock
      * Adult Hemorrhage Control
      * Adult Sepsis
      * Adult Hyperglycemia
      * Adult Amputation
      * Adult Crush Injury
      * Burns
      * Adult Envenomation
      * Adult Hyperthermia
      * Adult Hypothermia
      * Submersion Injuries

      These can be downloaded from:


5.   Articles for discussion
      * None to Review

6.   Field Care Audit/Case Review-Dr. Rudnick
      * None to Review

7.   Please send articles for review.

8.   Please help prioritize policies and protocols for revision.

9.   Next meeting: September 25, 2018

**  Please RSVP your attendance to Kathy VanDonge via email or phone